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Woven Wire Screens

Woven wire screen is the most common type of screening media used in aggregate processing and mining applications due to its features of high open area, high weave precision and high cost-performance ratio.


Aperture tolerance only ±3% is far superior to the industry standards in domestic and global markets, which can lead to high-precision screening and guaranteeing the percentage of material qualification. The high quality materials can yield a higher profit for manufacturers.


Woven wire screens are the most accurate method for sizing product and can be produced in the widest variety of sizes. Our pre-crimped wires ensure accurate openings and tightly woven screens that will extend wear life, and our wide range of tooling and local stock will get you the product you want in the time you need it.


Double Crimped Woven Wire Screens

Flat Top Woven Wire Screens

Lock Crimp Woven Wire Sceens

Rectangular Opening Woven Wire Screens

Slotted Rectangular Woven Wire Screens