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Decorative Wire Mesh

Wire mesh expends the ways of decoration in building decoration materials that could not be imagined in old time. It has very good expression either in interior or outside.

It is weaved by stainless rods and stainless wires, has the style of weaving pattern.The vision and application is also varied due to its various pattern and structure.After specially processed like titanium coated and copper coated etc, the stainless steels present various colors which rich more decoration effects. With the effects of light and shadow and diversified in patterns, it is more applicable to many occasions and can meet many kinds of requirements.

With its elegant and refined style, in landscape architecture, interior space, facade, top ceiling, background decoration, partition and so on, all these can create unlimited originality and aesthetic and art enjoyment. Please do not hesitate to contact with us, more information will be provided.


Brass Decorative Crimped Mesh 1

Brass Decorative Crimped Mesh 2

Brass Woven Mesh

Corrugated Woven Mesh

Crimped type PVD Stainless Steel Decorative Woven Mesh

Decorative Architectural Rigid Mesh Facade

Decorative Crimped Mesh

Decorative Crimped Woven Mesh

Decorative Lock Crimped Wire Mesh

Glass laminated fine mesh

Flat wire woven mesh

Flat wire woven mesh 2

Stainless steel decorative wire mesh panel

Stainless steel woven mesh

Decorative woven wire mesh 1

Decorative woven wire mesh 2

Decorative woven wire mesh 3

Decorative woven wire mesh 4

Decorative woven wire mesh 5

Decorative woven wire mesh 6

Decorative woven wire mesh 7

Decorative woven wire mesh 8