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Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts

An Ping Huan Ya Wire Mesh Products Co.,ltd has manufactured metal wire mesh conveyor belts,Mesh Conveyor Belt,decorative mesh belt and Architectural Mesh Belt for over 20 years and continue to improve and innovate mesh belts to satisfy client around the world. We are always providing the reliable and durable conveyor belts,decorative mesh belt to every client, whether their order is big or small.
The sustainable and blooming development of our company lies in complete product structure, strict control of quality, competitive price based on quality as well as satisfying after-sales service. What is more important, our engineers and sales have extensive knowledge and experience in solving various problems of conveyor belts. However difficult and complicated the metal conveyor belt you need, we always help you find the solution. For these reasons, our clients count on our product and service.
Product range
Metal mesh belts have been proven themselves as the premier conveyor belts for most conveyor applications ranging from food industry, heat treatment and ceramics and glass decorative and architectural industries.
An Ping Huan Ya Wire Mesh Products Co.,ltd supplies a full range of Wire Mesh Conveyor Beltss. They can satisfy any requirement. At the same time, custom metal conveyor belt is available on request.

    • Balanced weave belt.
    • Flat wire belt.
    • Compound balanced belt.
    • Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts.
    • Eyelink conveyor belt.
    • Flat spiral belt.
    • Chain link belt.
    • Rod reinforced chain link belt
    • Decorative Mesh Belt
    • Architectural Mesh Belt

    Architectural mesh belt

    Architectural mesh belt

    Balanced weave belt

    Chain link conveyor belt reinforced

    Compound balanced weave belt

    Conveyor belt mesh brass

    Conveyor belt mesh spiral

    Decorative mesh belt

    Decorative mesh belt

    Decorative mesh belt

    Double balanced weave belt with crimped cross rod

    Double Coil Wire Balanced Weave Belt

    Eyelink belt welded edge

    Flat coil wire balanced weave belt straight cross rod

    Flat wire conveyor belt

    Heavy duty flat wire belt

    Heavy duty flat wire belt clinched edge

    Heavy duty flat wire belt with welded edge

    Rod reinforced chain link belt

    Standard balanced conveyor belt with flat spiral wire

    Standard balanced conveyor belt with round spiral wire

    Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

    Double balanced belt with straight cross rod